שיר הדולה והיולדת

חלומה של כל דולה

By: Nancy Martineau, CD


Please, Stay Off  The  Bed

Ok, so you're having a baby, you say it's today.
Here is one bit of wisdom I, your doula, would say

Your pelvis is mobile it's made to gape
to make room for babies as they escape

If you want your baby to come out and play
Please, Please, Please avoid the temptation to lay

If you want to have room for your little ones head,
you have to be diligent - stay off the bed

This stretches the inlet and outlet you see
and gives little babies a way to get  free

And though this may tire you and add to your  toil

all will be worth it for your boy of girl.

Beds are for sleeping, sickness and sex
All of these jobs you don’ t intend to do next

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As doulas we help you and your baby, you see
and  this job we do with joy and with glee

We ask that you learn to get baby out right
Even if space is a premium and your pelvis is tight


We will stand right beside you and guide you all day

and into the night; we won't go away


Again I will challenge you, please use your head

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to stay off of the bed


I will strongly advise you, but will understand

I just want to make you precisely clear where I "STAND"


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